mercoledì 18 febbraio 2009

how long for

How long does a bite mark on the neck last for?
It simply can not be you...

This smell of blood is making me dizzy. A blue fairy came out of the absinthe flame and is licking my neck. Carmina Burana and violently broken after another against the white wall. I love the sound of mirrors being smashed. Pieces of broken glass and I walk around barefoot. The bruises you left on my legs are blue, turning violet. Ecstasy and agony, the magic leash you put around my neck. Whip me some more, you know I like it. Sex and violence, from the window of the tenth floor I contemplate the idea of suicide. This hurts like hell. A box match with myself and my mouth too is full of blood. A dose of cocaine that will make your brain explode. A vicious circle of decay and futile suffering. A youth wasted on corrupt pleasure. madness is the only thing mad people can offer you. I run. I used to chase meaning. Now I only chase fire and I burn everything and I don’t give a fuck about meaning.

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