martedì 14 ottobre 2008

Fluo store.Opening.

New York.In the heart of the night we're burning candles and sipping on luxurious savory drinks making our minds even stranger to themselves. Portishead, Undenied has been on repeat for at least 40 minutes. Hentai projections on the wall, my husband is wearing a violet sweater, like the first time I ever laid eyes on him. Violet and green. He's smoking with his eyes lost while in the bathtub I touch myself with black water lillies.
Naked and still wet I lay lazy on black satin sheets. Frank will arrive soon and it will start snowing white cherry flowers. Frank is my lover. And my husband's lover.
He'll cover me in vanilla and ecstacy and after he's done with me, I'll be drinking absynthe, contemplating them. The sauna will be slowly filling with violet butterflies while we play climax through orgyastic dimensions.

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